About Us

Founded by Zoe Bermant, ZoecialMedia is a Social Media Management agency with the mission of helping companies and stakeholders build their brands and grow their audiences organically. As experts in social media, we provide strategy and support so that the story you want told will be seen by the people you want to reach.

Our Team

Zoe Bermant


Nadine Synett
Director of Social Media Strategy
Aliza Hughes


Shira Herskovitz

Head oF Design 

Amanda Lapidot
Head of AI Tools and Thought Leadership
Dafna Rose

Senior Account Manager

Jackie Hyman

Account Manager

Jessica Goodman

Account Manager

Joseph Mardirossian
Account Manager
Leora Schostak

Senior Account Manager

Matan Bauman

Content Writer

Mushkie Uliel

Senior Graphic Designer

Natasha Elek
Account Manager
Nayad Mardirossian
Account Manager
Nicole Steinman
Account Manager
Samantha Chetboul

Graphic Designer

Sarina Solomon

Account Manager

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