Right now, selling is a challenge. We aren’t travelling, we aren’t attending conferences, and we aren’t meeting face-to-face. Building trust and relationships is a challenge in a digital-only world.

Let’s be honest too, no one sees something on social media or online and clicks and buys it immediately. At least, they rarely do. Experts say that it takes 5-7 touch-points for an ecommerce sale to happen. So if someone needs to do research before buying something small like a new TV, maybe shop around for a better price, or check out what people have said about it online, imagine how much more difficult that is when the purchasing decision involves multiple people and a typical 6-12 month sales cycle.

That’s why social selling is one of the most important tools a salesperson can have today.
​Knowing how to:

–          Grow and nurture a strategic connection to the right people
–          Become and remain visible to your pipeline of existing and potential customers
–          Build credibility as a subject matter expert.
–          Stay 1 step ahead of your competitors.
–          Know the etiquette of how and when to do outreach to a potential customer.
–          Understand what tools are on the market and can help you do your job faster/better.
–          Elevate your companies’ brand by helping their visibility.
–          Measuring your ROI so you know that you are doing it right.
The aim is personal brand growth with an end-goal to building visibility and nurturing potential strategic leads. It isn’t a one and done methodology, it does not happen overnight, and it IS an artform.

ZoecialMedia manages over 50 LinkedIn accounts for C-Suite execs at companies like Deep Instinct, Amdocs, Plataine and more. We will teach your salespeople how to strategically grow and nurture their sales leads. Fast becoming the most important skill in a salesperson’s arsenal.

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