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We are proud to manage social media strategy and execution for a wide range of B2B enterprise clients, including Google Cloud, Hughes and NICE.

Large organizations can support posting multiple times per week and on multiple platforms. Our team of enterprise experts understands how to collaborate with your various departments and stakeholders to collect the relevant information and execute a cohesive and comprehensive social media plan. But organic social media is more than just the posts you publish on your channels: we strongly encourage enterprise organizations to include social listening in their organic social media strategy. We provide social listening on LinkedIn and X where we engage with relevant content and influencers and make sure that you are staying visible with your target audience.

Additionally it is critically important to put your top executives front and center, bringing a human and authentic voice to your social media presence. Having your key stakeholders, subject matter experts and brand ambassadors post regular, engaging and informative content to their LinkedIn profiles can bring 100x more views and engagements than your corporate posts. Our team of LinkedIn profile experts create engaging content for your stakeholders as well as engage daily on their account, bringing them conversations to contribute to and strategically grow their network.

And last, but certainly not least, there is one more piece to the puzzle – your advocates. Regardless of the size of your team, everyone can take part in amplifying your brand voice on social media, in an authentic way. We can create posts for your employees to share or we can train them how to create content and engage meaningfully on their own.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can also manage a crisis situation on your social media channels, click here (leads to blog about crisis management).


When should a B2B startup establish their social media presence?

Today!  A strategic and defined social media strategy is a key element to the success of every startup. We understand that funds, resources and personnel are limited so we work together to craft a social strategy that works for you.

Your corporate page should be up and running, with a post a week that varies between product information, educational posts, industry validation and spotlights of your amazing team! (We both know that your investors want to see what’s going on with your products and employees 🙂

As your company grows, we will work with you to grow your social presence. At this stage in your startup life, it is critical for the CEO and other founders to be active on LinkedIn. An executive can utilize their existing connections to bring visibility to their content. (Whereas a company profile is usually starting out with no following, an executive usually has a large following already). As an executive is also usually the first SDR in the company, they can use their profile for social selling. (learn more about social selling here: link to social selling blog or playbook). We understand that the story you tell at this point in your startup journey is the key to gaining and following that converts. You’d be surprised how much traction you can get with even one post a week that meaningfully updates your audience, educates them, addresses their pain points and gives them a peek into who you are. Simultaneously, daily engagement and strategic network growth combine help you reach your goals.

Contact us to hear more about how we can tailor an organic social media strategy for you and your executives!

ZoecialMedia LTD is proud to support B2B technology companies and thought leaders from across a variety of industries and sizes, ranging from startups just emerging from stealth to large enterprise businesses.

Our expertise is in crafting strategies to get your content to the right audience and present your company and executive team as leaders in your industry.

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