It’s holiday season, and you may wonder where all your followers/users are. Well wonder no more, they are NOT online and they don’t care about you or your brand or anything you have to post (unless you are a retailer and they have a complaint about a product they bought or got as a present). So this holiday season for the love of sanity, get offline and go enjoy your family time.

Seriously though, I own a social media agency, mainly B2B, and NOT ONE of my clients showed more than 10% of their average daily engagement from December 25 – Jan 3 last year.

See below – the magic starts to happen in January. I know you will look at this chart and say but still 60,000 views – let’s not sniff at that. But I just checked the same company’s stats for Dec 2021 so-far and they have only had 30,000 views as of 11 Dec. Only 13 more days until end of the active month and they will be lucky to hit 70,000 in total – that is a HUGE drop, and consistent with last year, where most of the visitors were from Dec 1 – 23.

LinkedIn Company Profile Visitor Metrics: 


I often say that the world will NOT stop turning if you don’t post to social media – and I honestly hold to that.

If you want to know what our recommendations are for this holiday season. Here’s what you CAN do:

  1. Post your holiday message, or at least anything important, at least 1 week before the holiday, be realistic that scheduling it on the actual holiday day no one will see it, if you want them to see it that is.
  2. You can pre-set some content to run over the holidays, but don’t stress about it, no amount of posting is going to make that much of a difference.
  3. Which leads me to my next point. Why not try creating a new trend and #gosilent. It’s time for people to be with their families and friends, not tempted by anything you think worth posting online. Imagine how nice for those who care enough about your brand to be given a breather… I mean, I know most holidays mean an almost naturally quiet 48 hours, but nothing wrong with making it a social policy to let people get back to what matters. Make it part of your company social manifesto.

Even if you are a consumer brand, why not post a message saying something like, “we are here today because we care about you, no noise, just us… let us know how we can be helpful.”

For B2B brands where constant social customer service is not so much an issue, simply say, “We are going silent this holiday to give you time to get back to what matters. See you after the holidays and wishing you and all your family and friends a peaceful and joyous time.” #Gosilent

There is nothing wrong with us using social media to set industry-wide etiquette for how and when social media should be used. So take a stand with me, and let’s all #gosilent this coming Xmas and New Years holiday season.

​Happy Holidays from #TeamZoecial and Happy New Year.

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